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Mining Week 20/’12: Commodity outlook and potential US coal takeover

May 13, 2012 Comments off

Top Stories of the Week:

  • Glencore and Rio Tinto fuel commodities outlook discussion
    • Glencore’s Ivan Glasenberg joined his collegue at Noble group and Rio Tinto’s CEO Tom Albanese in stressing that there are no clear signs of a slowdown of Chinese commodities demand.
    • Glasenberg stressed that inventory levels for many commodities are relatively low at the moment, contrary to the belief that increasing inventories should cause a drop of commodity prices somewhere in the next year.
    • Sources: Financial Times; FT Video on Noble outlook; The Australian

  • BHP Billiton rumoured to prepare bid for coal miner
  • ArcelorMittal – Macarthur

Trends & Implications:

  • A potential new takeover by BHP Billiton might be a good moment for BHP to announce writedowns on its acquisitions in the natural gas space. The acquisition of Petrohawk from Chesapeake last year is said to require a significant writedow as gas prices don’t seem to recover. Timing the market and combining the ‘exciting’ news of a takeover in the coal industry might partly overshadow the news of the writedown on the gas assets.
  • The decrease of annual growth of the Chinese economy to single digit numbers is expected to impact construction and manufacturing activity in the short term, but the underlying outlook for the longer term continues to be a shortage of supply. Experts struggle to relate the overall economic growth numbers to short-term growth of construction sector, which drives most of the commodities demand.

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BHP to Acquire Petrohawk Energy in $12 Billion Deal

July 20, 2011 Comments off

“BHP Billiton Ltd. said Thursday it plans to acquire Petrohawk Energy Corp. for more than $12 billion in cash, giving the Anglo-Australian mining company access to large shale assets in Texas and Louisiana in one of the largest deals of the year. BHP will pay $38.75 per share, a 65% premium to Petrohawk’s closing price on Thursday of $23.49 a share.

The deal marks an important strategic step for BHP, which last year was rebuffed in a highly politicized $38.6 billion bid for Canada’s Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. One of the largest global mining companies, BHP has been eager to spend its war chest to diversify from minerals and mining into oil and gas. The Petrohawk deal will double BHP’s resource base in oil and gas, allowing the company to increase its production by about 10% for the rest of the decade, the company said.”

Source: Wall Street Journal, July 15 2011


  • Key synergies targeted in the deal are in financing new projects: Petrohawk has the reserves, and BHP brings the funds to develop them. The premium of 65% reflects this increased investment, as it values the company on 7.5x PE rather than 4-5x PE.
  • Last February BHP bought a set of shale gas assets from Chesapeake Energy for close to $5bln.
  • In a poll on this blog in February 57% of respondents thought BHP should expand further in the oil & gas arena.


  • The $12bln tender offer is all-cash, largely solving BHP’s ‘problem’ of a huge cash pile that some people rather had seen returned to shareholders. With current high iron ore prices the company is generating cash much faster than it is able to invest in organic growth.
  • The acquisition increases the weight of the petroleum business in BHP’s portfolio and makes BHP enter in the top 10 of largest petroleum companies in the USA. This development follows the entry of various large petroleum companies in the mining area through oil sand projects. Still it is unclear if more miners will position themselves as ‘large scale commodity producers’ active in both mining and petroleum businesses.

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